Corruption : African Union Celebrates Cameroon’s Akere Muna

An award was presented to the lawyer on Monday 10 July in Nairobi . The award was presented at the…

An award was presented to the lawyer on Monday 10 July in Nairobi . The award was presented at the opening ceremony of the Annual Citizens’ Forum of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council of the African Union.

An additional star has been shining on Akere Muna’s list of titles and distinctions. The founder of the non-governmental organisation Transparency International Cameroon has been crowned champion in the promotion of good governance and the fight against corruption in Africa.

The 2018 presidential candidate in Cameroon receives this distinction for his commitment and efforts in the fight against governance-related deviance. “Akere Muna’s many achievements and unwavering dedication to good governance, anti-corruption initiatives and athletics make him a remarkable figure in Africa and beyond.
His recognition as the inaugural President of ECOSSOC at the 2023 Annual Citizens’ Forum underlines the profound impact he has had on strengthening civil society and promoting democratic principles within the African Union. As a highly respected legal practitioner and advocate, Muna continues to inspire and lead the fight for transparency, accountability and ethical governance across the African continent and beyond,” reads a post on his Facebook account.
The Cameroonian receives his award on the eve of the celebration of the 20th African Anti-Corruption Day on 11 July. On 11 July 2003, 48 African countries adopted the African Union Convention against Corruption in Maputo, Mozambique. 20 years on, although the signatory countries are working to curb the spread of corruption in Africa, the corruption perception index remains high in several countries. Corruption continues to cost the continent hundreds of billions every year.