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Cameroon – CRM : Partisans Mock Michele Ndoki after Exclusion

Michèle Ndoki has so far received no expressions of sympathy from her former political family. The only people to comment…

Michèle Ndoki has so far received no expressions of sympathy from her former political family. The only people to comment on her exclusion are those who celebrate her failure .

It is well recognised that she has many supporters among the militants, and yet they have all remained atonic. Her supporters seem to be in shock this after her expulsion. They were convinced that their leader was untouchable. Their tragedy is that they have been left in the box, completely lost without Michou as she is Fondly called.

Playing politics with Maurice Kamto is particularly tasty. He watches you fidget and says nothing. But when he decides to strike, it’s a single blow and you’re knocked out,” says a partisan who seeks to remain anonymous adds.

However, this exclusion has not been spared criticism outside the CRM . Several Internet users republished statements made by Maurice Kamto, the leader of the CRM, who explained on Canal 2 that his party had no provision for excluding its members. Intellectuals also joined in the chorus of criticism.

With what happened at the MRC this evening, it’s impossible not to think of that book which describes in great detail how peoples, in a form of collective trance, create their own dictators and autocrats, who later become their executioners“, says political scientist Njoya Moussa, referring to a book by German journalist and philosopher Hannah Arendt on the origins of totalitarianism. There is no doubt that this criticism is a dig at Maurice Kamto. It is not an isolated opinion.

It has to be said that since her release in October 2019 after eight months behind bars, relations between Michèle Ndoki and Maurice Kamto have deteriorated considerably. The former was presented in 2018 as a loyal member of Kamto’s close guard.

The first public friction occurred when the lawyer openly expressed her disappointment at the CRM board’s decision not to take part in the February 2020 municipal and legislative elections. Since that event, Michèle Ndoki has acted like a Marverick within her political family. This term is used in politics to designate anyone who does not hesitate to break free from tutelage to make their voice heard.