Zambians divided over Hichilema’s performance – Survey

Zambians are divided about the country's economic policies, with only 51 percent of the population saying President Hakainde Hichilema's “new…

Zambians are divided about the country’s economic policies, with only 51 percent of the population saying President Hakainde Hichilema’s “new dawn” government is steering the ship in the right direction.According to a survey by pan-African research network Afrobarometer, only about half of Zambians approve of the country’s overall direction and are satisfied with the way the government is managing the economy. 

About half of citizens described the country’s economic condition and their personal living conditions as bad, although a majority expect things to get better during the coming year.

Most of the people place the management of the economy and health top of the list of problems that they want the government to address, ahead of infrastructure/roads, water supply, agriculture and unemployment.

At least six in 10 (61 percent) said they are satisfied with the government’s fight against corruption, while 60 percent gave the authorities high marks on its efforts to rid the country of crime, the survey said.

About 82 percent of the citizens believe the government is doing a good job in addressing the educational needs of the country, while 72 percent applauded its job creation initiatives.

Other Zambians, however, believe government is not performing well on keeping prices stable, maintaining roads and bridges, narrowing the income gap, providing water and sanitation services, and improving basic health services.

Afrobarometer noted that while Hichilema’s party won the 2021 election by a landslide, the latest findings suggest that the government’s ability to address economic problems and provide quality public services may be a key to sustaining the support it has enjoyed from Zambians.

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