From Geneva to Dakhla: Pan-African institute HQs moved to Morocco

The Pan African Institute for Development (PADI) has moved its permanent headquarters from Geneva, Switzerland to Dakhla in southern Morocco.The…

The Pan African Institute for Development (PADI) has moved its permanent headquarters from Geneva, Switzerland to Dakhla in southern Morocco.The city will provide the central institutional platform for decision-making in the conduct of the institute’s actions in Africa and the implementation of its socio-economic development strategies for the benefit of Africans.

The headquarters agreement relating to the transfer to Dakhla was signed Monday in Rabat by the Ambassador Director General of Bilateral Relations at the Moroccan Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fouad Yazough, and the Secretary General of the PADI, Emmanuel Kamdem.

The institute aims to assist in the economic, social and cultural development of African countries through research, advisory support and research and train African leaders able to take charge, at different levels, the action to be taken with the populations for their promotion and the improvement of their living conditions.

In a statement to the press, Mr. Kamdem said that the signing has a double importance, since it is to transfer the headquarters of a pan-African organization from Europe to Africa and that relocating its headquarters in Dakhla was informed by Morocco’s ”very important role” in South-South cooperation.

“Morocco is an example of development in Africa and is among the most advanced countries on the continent,” he said, adding that the signing and cooperation will allow “the PADI to fulfill its mission to help African people to take charge and help each other to develop their countries.”

Mr. Yazough highlighted the importance of the agreement that corresponds to “the vision of HM the King and his instructions, which are development, youth involvement and academic research.”

“Morocco has always conceived its development, security and stability in its home continent and does not conceive it outside,” he told the press, stressing that “the city of Dakhla is now a natural bridge to Africa, chosen by Africans themselves and by other countries around the world who see in the city a platform not only of passage but also of production.”

The activities of the PADI are a lever for the development and welfare of the average African, especially in research, academic and professional training.

Morocco said it is pleased to provide all the necessary means at its disposal to achieve these noble objectives, as an international actor committed to defending the interests and good causes of its sister countries in Africa.

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