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Football : European Recruiters Track Cameroonian Youth

This is the raison d'être for the Chedjou sports consulting tournament being played in Douala. The kick-off has just been…

This is the raison d’être for the Chedjou sports consulting tournament being played in Douala. The kick-off has just been given by its promoter, Aurélien Chedjou.


There are many young football fans who dream of playing in European stadia. Well, the opportunity is offered to them. This is through the football tournament organised by former Lille OSC central defender, Aurélien Chedjou; a competition that bears his name and which is played in Douala.

Among the recruiters is the football director of LOSC, Franck Beria. The former captain of Lille after the first playing day says being seduced by the talents shown by the young players. “What I like is the commitment they guys are showing on the field. I think there was a lot of stress at the beginning, as the guys have in mind the necessity to be good and that is sometimes accompanied by a little bit of stress and clumsiness but as the game goes on, we feel that there is more and more ease, there is more of a connection and I think that the boys are freeing themselves. I think that the second and third games and the days to come will be even better. I am delighted with the commitment that this is generating. I saw aggression in the right sense of the word; it is not about hurting the opposition, it is all about being a good footballer and as a former defender I particularly like the commitment the boys are showing. There is a lot of honesty in their efforts, the conditions are very special because in Europe there is no heat but I appreciate it.”

Franck Beria

Impressions that fit with the objectives of the tournament as he underscores, “It is a tournament in which I see that there is a lot of talent. The objective is to be able to spot talents quickly enough that can integrate the clubs and we know that Cameroon has the reputation on being a land hosting great talents. That is why we are here today.”


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