Cameroon : Yango Denies Govt Accusations

In a press release , issued by the Ministry of Transport on 06 February 2023 , Yango’s activities were said…

In a press release , issued by the Ministry of Transport on 06 February 2023 , Yango’s activities were said suspended due to non payment of tax .



On February 13 th, Yango published a communique indicating they are legally checked to carry out all activities on their digital platform .

“We would like to draw attention to the fact that Yango is an international digital platform operating via a mobile application and is therefore not a transport operator. Yango serves transport companies and their customers in more than 20 countries and actively participates in the digital transformation of the economy by bringing revenue-generating innovations and creating new jobs.

Yango is aligned with the vision of the Government of Cameroon embodied by the Head of State Paul BIYA in his speech of 31 December 2015: “We must catch up as soon as possible in the development of the digital economy“. Buoyed by the encouraging words of the President of the Republic, we took the decision to invest in Cameroon and launch the international digital platform Yango in November 2021. Our investment has enabled local transport companies to achieve an average revenue growth of 35% by providing better safety and comfort to passengers.

In view of the above, we were surprised by the decision of the Ministry of Transport, which we believe is the result of a misunderstanding of the Yango business model. However, all our local transport partners were invited to comply with the new regulations in force. We would like to stress that activities are not currently suspended in Cameroon. Yango has already made itself available to the Ministry of Transport to obtain clarification on the concrete measures that our partners, the local transport operators, must follow in order to comply with Decree 8801 of 10 October, because, to our knowledge, no decree explaining these measures has been published, even though this is stated in the Ministry’s press release.

Yango says to be committed to Cameroonians, is responsible and complies with all regulations applied to international digital platforms.

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