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Cameroon: Specialist Gang Arrested In Yaounde

A gang of five thieves specialising in the theft of cars between Yaounde and Douala has been arrested in Yaounde,…

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A gang of men specialised in stealing from cars parked along various roads and streets in Yaounde has just been presented by the head of the Regional Judicial Police for the Centre Region, Police Commissioner Moïse Emane Emane, and his team.

The suspects were arrested thanks to a complaint from one of the victims, the Senior Superintendent of Police told the press. The thieves had broken into the victim’s car, which was parked in the vicinity of the Yaounde multi-purpose sports complex. He later wrote a complaint to the regional judicial police department and the investigation was helped through a video that went viral on social media on armed bandits who broke into a car parked around the sports complex.

This led to the immediate arrest of Essono Onambele Mare Landry and Gampo Armand Firmin, aged 36 and 38 respectively. When questioned, they said: “We have a habit of breaking into cars parked along the streets of the city and making off with valuables.

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