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Cameroon-Sexual Harassment: Professor Jean Emmanuel Pondi Urges Students To Report Cases 

The rector of the ICT University made the call on the sidelines of a training seminar in Yaoundé on 14…

Emmanuel Pondi

The rector of the ICT University made the call on the sidelines of a training seminar in Yaoundé on 14 September.

Prof Emmanuel Pondi has decided to wage a war against sexual harassment in the university environment. Aware of the danger of this phenomenon, the Rector of the  ICT University gathered the students and staff of this illustrious school around a round table to discuss the impact of sexual harassment and its consequences.

According to gazeti237, the theme of the conference was “Sexual harassment within the university environment”. The conference served as an opportunity to sensitise participants on the need to promote a healthy teaching and learning environment, while reminding them that sexual harassment is highly prohibited at ICT University.

In a country like Cameroon, where the subject is generally taboo, the speakers strongly condemned the practice in all its facets. The seminar was based on the book “Harcèlement sexuel et déontologie”, published by Prof Pondi in 2011, in which the author tells the stories of the victims and lists the measures to be taken to eradicate the phenomenon in schools and in society.

For more than an hour, the rector urged the students of his university not to hesitate to denounce cases of sexual harassment, “We live in a society where these things are hardly reported, which makes them spread like a fire whirlwind (…) We are therefore organising this forum to sensitise students in particular so that they join the fight against sexual harassment in schools”. Jean-Emmanuel Pondi, before going on to stress that students need to say no to this phenomenon, which puts them at the centre of how it spreads.

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