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Cameroon-Parliament: 2nd Ordinary Session Of The Year Convened For June 8

The presidents of the two chambers have called on Senators and Deputies to gather in the hemicycles as from this…

The presidents of the two chambers have called on Senators and Deputies to gather in the hemicycles as from this date to discuss various issues.

After the full session held in the Senate last April, the senators of the third legislature will meet for the second time on June 8, 2023 at 4pm. The information emerges from an information act of the Senate office chaired by Marcel Niat Njifenji, dated 22 May.

This time, the members of the Upper House of Parliament will get to the heart of the matter. Following the reception of the attributes, the assumption of office and the renewal of the organs in April, the 100 senators will begin during this session, to vote the laws and to control the action of the government for the current exercise.

At the National Assembly, this work, which began in March following the renewal of the bureau and general committees, will continue. President Cavaye Yeguié Djibril convened the 180 deputies for the beginning of the ordinary session of June, set for 8 June at 11am.

The opening of this ordinary session will take place at a time when the government is engaged in the fight against hate speech, xenophobia and tribalism. Faced with these scourges, some believe that it is appropriate to strengthen the legal framework, which is the responsibility of the Parliament and the government. But this fight should not obscure the successive scandals that splashed the country and that the oldest member of the National Assembly denounced last March: Glencoregate, Afcongate, Covidgate, are some examples. Financial malpractice which remains unpunished.

To these abuses was added the Savannah Energy affair with the diplomatic crisis that it caused between Cameroon and Chad. Despite the diplomatic coverings and movements on both sides of the two neighbouring states, the situation is still not under control.

The debt and the high cost of living are other issues to be debated during this parliamentary session, which is being held halfway through the execution of the State budget voted in November 2022.

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