Striving For All’s Thrive Center: Empowering Youth through Technology

The Striving For All (SFA) Thrive Center is an empowering initiative that offers teenagers and young adults boundless opportunities to…

The Striving For All (SFA) Thrive Center is an empowering initiative that offers teenagers and young adults boundless opportunities to shape their futures through cutting-edge technology training.

Striving For All, an esteemed non-governmental organization (NGO), is dedicated to positively impacting the lives of underprivileged children by providing them with quality education and healthcare. In a momentous achievement, the NGO proudly inaugurated the ”Thrive Center” in June 2023 at ”Carrefour Messapresse” in Bonanjo, Douala. This dynamic hub is where education, innovation, and creativity intersect, unleashing the limitless potential within each student. The center will provide comprehensive courses covering various subjects, from Business Intelligence (BI) and Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Digital Marketing, Robotics Exploration, Programming, Professional Development, Advanced English, and more— all completely free of charge.

Thrive Center

This distinct approach promotes equal opportunities for all students to pursue their passions and aspirations without any financial burden. The opening ceremony was an unforgettable occasion, graced by distinguished guests, including members of the Littoral Region, Governor and Wouri’s Divisional Office, reflecting unwavering support from the local government and a firm commitment to empowering the next generation.

At the heart of this transformative endeavor is Geneviève Ngambia, the visionary Founder and President of Striving For All, who passionately expressed the organization’s mission to improve education and health in disadvantaged communities. Her heartfelt words epitomize the unwavering commitment to uplifting and transforming lives. Elevating the events significance, His Majesty Momo Soffack Guy, the king of Foto, honored the occasion as an ambassador for Striving For All. Additionally, the esteemed presence of Ms. Colette Chatue, President of the Canal 2 International Foundation, symbolized the collaborative efforts between diverse stakeholders united to uplift and transform the lives of children in underprivileged communities.


The SFA Thrive Center is the culmination of collective efforts by Striving for All and its esteemed partners, notably Salesforce, whose invaluable contributions brought this center to life. The generous donors were also recognized for their wholehearted support in empowering the next generation. As the SFA Thrive Center opens its doors to young learners, it symbolizes a beacon of hope, opportunity, and empowerment for the future. Under the guidance of the national representative, Marcel Djoukeng, and the invaluable support from schools and local companies, the center is poised to elevate its educational offerings to encompass the latest technological advancements and ensure these students embark on an exciting journey of exploration, growth, and impact.


This journey has just begun, and Striving for All invites individuals, businesses, and philanthropists to join this incredible endeavor to create a society where every child has access to quality education and healthcare, propelling them toward a future filled with boundless possibilities and opportunities to thrive and succeed.

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