Cameroon – Ngarbuh Massacre : International Forces Pressures Legal Procedure

In a joint statement on February 14, the embassies of Belgium ,United States and the High Commission of Great Britain…

In a joint statement on February 14, the embassies of Belgium ,United States and the High Commission of Great Britain in Cameroun marked the third anniversary of the Ngarbuh massacre by asking authorities to accelerate the case pending.



A massacre during which 21 civilians, including 13 children, were shot dead by elements of the army and civilians in the crisis region of the Northwest. “The relatives of those who have been killed continue to wait for justice to be done, say these three diplomatic representations, “before adding, we the undersigned encourage the authorities to give priority to the investigation and justice processes, to ensure transparency and to ensure that those responsible for these crimes are accountable.”

For its part, Human Rights Watch (HRW) deplores the fact that military justice, where the case was investigated, “advances a turtle step“. “The trial, which was to restart last November, is now scheduled to resume on February 16, two days after the 3rd anniversary of the massacre. This persistent slowness raises serious concerns about the ability of the military justice system to really do justice and, if so, when, “notes HRW.

In addition, the international NGO deplores that “the fact that the trial is held in Yaounde, 450 kilometres from Ngarbuh, will have the effect of limiting, or even preventing, the access and participation of the families of victims and potential witnesses”.

As a reminder, on February 14, 2020, about twenty people were killed in the small village of Ngarbuh, in the Northwest region. Survivors of the massacre and NGOs accuse the army of this killing. The Ministry of Defence formally denies any involvement, but under the pressure and evidence that is accumulating, the government recognises that elements of the army and self-Defence militias have indeed conducted a punitive operation in this village accused of supporting armed separatists.

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