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Cameroon-Martinez Zogo : Amougou Belinga, Bruno Bidjang Arrested

The president of the group L'Anecdote, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga was apprehended at his home by a team of gendarmes.…

The president of the group L’Anecdote, Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga was apprehended at his home by a team of gendarmes.


This information is confirmed by the head of the communication division of the group l’Anecdote, Ines Belinga. In her statement, she added that the businessman “is currently in the premises of the Secretariat of State for Defence (responsible for the gendarmerie, editor’s note) as part of an investigation.

Employees of the group also announced the arrest at his home of journalist Bruno Bidjang, director general of all media of the group L’Anecdote. The same sources also say that the former commander of the Presidential Guard (GP), retired Colonel Thomas Raymond Etoundi Nsoé, who is also the businessman’s father-in-law, has also been arrested. The latter is also the owner of a security company that provided protection for the home of the boss of the Anecdote group. But the group’s press release does not mention this.

For the moment, the authorities have not communicated the reasons for this raid on the Anecdote group. It comes after a wave of arrests in the framework of the joint investigation (gendarmerie-police) opened to shed light on the murder of radio host Martinez Zogo. In a statement issued on 2 February, the secretary-general of the presidency of the Republic (SGPR), Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, announced that the investigations were continuing and that the investigators were going to find new suspects.

Reporters Without Borders
(RSF) revealed last week that Jean Pierre Amougou Belinga was presented as one of the principals in the murder by the director of operations of the Directorate General of External Research (DGRE), Lieutenant Colonel Justin Danwe, who was presented as the main suspect in the case. RSF claims to have had access to the written confession of this senior officer.

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