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Cameroon  : Man Tries To Rape Sister-In-Law

Visiting his brother's widow, he will take the opportunity to try to satisfy his sexual desire.   It has been…

Visiting his brother’s widow, he will take the opportunity to try to satisfy his sexual desire.


It has been a year since Blandine M lost her husband. The family then prepares to organize a ceremony to commemorate this. The eldest brother of the deceased will see this as an opportunity to impose widowhood on his sister-in-law and his script was all thought out.

Olivier, the brother-in-law, lives in Edéa. To attend the ceremony, he will ask Blandine if he can spend the night at her house, saying he cannot afford a hotel room. The house having a guest room, Blandine will find no reason in accepting his request. This is how Olivier arrives and settles with the widow of his little brother in the Logbessou neighborhood in Douala. The evening of his arrival, he goes into his sister-in-law’s room.

Some sources, as revealed by Cameroon Tribune, say he stole one of the keys to Blandine’s room. Something that will allow him to easily enter without breaking the door down. Blandine sleeps with the light; which is not to the liking of her brother-in-law. He will then turn off the light and will join her in her bed where he will start to caress Blandine. It was when she felt a hand on her chest that she woke up with a start and grabbed the hand thinking she was dealing with a thief.

That is how her son and her two brothers ran into the room, turn on the lights. Surprise, it is uncle Olivier. Taken by anger, they will beat him up. A neighbor, having followed the cries of Blandine, will call the police. A squad of the Special Rapid Intervention Teams will thus arrest Olivier.


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