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Cameroon-Football : Samuel Eto’o And Club Presidents At Loggerheads

As players of the first and second divisions of the national football league request their salaries, club presidents and FECAFOOT…

samuel eto'o during cameroun burundi

As players of the first and second divisions of the national football league request their salaries, club presidents and FECAFOOT are blaming each other


The president of the Cameroon Football Federation (FECAFOOT), Samuel Eto’o Fils and the presidents of clubs of the national football championships are at odds. It is recalled for instance that in September 2022, the Secretary General of FECAFOOT, informed that the salary of players of the MTN Elite 1 increased from 100,000F to 200,000F and that of the MTN Elite 2 went from 50,000F to 100,000F.

In recent weeks, many players have continued to complain about salary arrears, especially to FECAFOOT. This made the president of the federation to come out of his gongs, regarding the subsidy his institution provides to clubs, “The money we give to clubs is to pay their players because when you sell them, the players do not get their share, it is your business. It is like a racehorse, you have to maintain it well, because it earns you bonuses. And in this case, the players bring you a lot of money,” said the former captain of the Indomitable Lions of Cameroon in a video published by our colleagues of Allez les Lions.

“We don’t take part in your management. But ours, at the Federation, that of the executive committee which I have the honor to chair, No, we justify! We justify. So, instead of spending time on radio stations, television stations, playing the interesting, take 30 minutes of your time, go to the bank,”declared Samuel Eto’o Fils.

Such declarations of Samuel Eto’o did not please George Neba Shu, president of Rangers FC Bafut, “My club spends 6 million a month on players’ salaries. Yesterday I received 4 million from the federation in my bank account, while I have been paying the players for several months. If the federation has no money, let them tell us to manage. I spend hundreds of millions every year to run my club; the federation promised 23 million, the championship started more than 5 months ago, I have only received 10 million 300 thousand in total until today. I have been spending 75 thousand every day on training bonuses since July… They say they are going to give me 23 million, but it is coming in dribs and drabs”, he regrets.

President George Neba rather sees in Samuel Eto’o’s exit a real lack of respect, “Samuel Eto’o disrespects us, but he wants us to respect him. We all know that there is no money at the federation, he must tell you the truth. If this is not the case, why pay in dribs and drabs?”


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