Cameroon-Fecatennis : New era begins with Benoît Zé

The former tennis player became the new president of the Cameroon Tennis Federation (Fecatennis) at the end of the list…

The former tennis player became the new president of the Cameroon Tennis Federation (Fecatennis) at the end of the list vote.

This was at the end of the more or less stormy elective general assembly on December 30. The economic operator intends to give a new lease of life to Cameroonian tennis. For the past four years, Benoît Zé has been steering Cameroonian tennis after the withdrawal of its former president Jean-Marie Abouna. His election at the head of this body is a logical continuation of his efforts to save the little yellow ball in Cameroon.  During this time, the club president organised 16 tournaments including the Davis Cup and allowed tennis players to participate in some international competitions. This justifies his victory with brio by 42 voters.

It is with great satisfaction that I take over the leadership of Fecatennis. It is not a surprise because I have already presided over this role for several years. So it’s just a confirmation,” said the new boss of Cameroonian tennis. He went on to present his action plan: “We will receive from the ITF the international programme, but at national level we already have a roadmap. We have brought in an international coach of Belgian origin who has been here for a fortnight, he will start with the tour of the regions.

We will call a press conference to present you with a roadmap and we can keep you informed of the launch of our activity,” he said. Elected for a two-year term (2022-2024), the businessman is committed to giving another face to lovers of this discipline. “Cameroonian tennis has been crumbled. Two years is not enough but in two years, we will be able to bring things back to normal. We will do what we can to ensure that it is never again what it has been in recent years.

According to afriksportsmagazine, after several postponements due to internal problems, the elections finally took place. The new president is reaching out to the opposing party who could take the matter to court. “I invite my former competitors, the unfortunate candidate, I open the door to them, it is a sports movement and in sport we must be fair play but I have nothing against this office, I need to unite Cameroon. We must put our hands together for Cameroonian tennis to shine”.

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