Cameroon : Bamenda II Council witnesses a Budget Increase by 13%

The 2023 budget for Bamenda II council stands at  FCFA 1.8 billion , witnessing a great increase as compared to…

Bamenda II Council

The 2023 budget for Bamenda II council stands at  FCFA 1.8 billion , witnessing a great increase as compared to that of 2022.The council sets out at prioritising infrastructural projects in 2023.


This budget  sums up to over FCFA 5 billion with an increase by 13% was voted during the council session held recently in Bamenda, chaired by the Mayor Chenwi Peter in the presence of the Divisional Officer, DO of Bamenda II subdivision. During the budgetary session, it was disclosed that the budget constitutes recurrent and investment revenue, with priority given to infrastructural projects that will be beneficial to the population.


According to the council, focus is on building low-cost houses. The Mayor Chenwi Peter reassured the population that land has already been made available and the youth will be employed to do the constructions as a means of employment. ” We have already acquired a front head loader and trucks will be arriving this january, because we can not be waiting for the state” Mayor Chenwi Peter

He adds that almost all the council’s projects have been allocated to the local population, because the council is there to improve on the living conditions of the people. ” We are also focusing on roads construction, hospitals and schools. During the Council session, the Mayor revealed that he has signed an engagement with some councils in Canada and they are planning to assist the Bamenda II Council in some of its projects. The council is already callling on some traditional rulers to see that they can provide land for the council to execute some of its projects as soon as possible”.

The Guardian Post newspaper reports that during the budgetary session, it was revealed that the council will focus on maintenance of roads, rehabilitation of electricity,water and hygiene in the city of Bamenda.

The city council is going to focus on the maintenance of tared roads across Bamenda. We are also looking at how to do extension of electricity to some quarters” says the city mayor Achobong Paul.

The Bamenda City Council’s 2023 budgetary session ended with the SDO of Mezam, asking all the councils in the city to make sure that they resolve land issues in the municipalities. Focus was on the government residential area, at Up station, where it was revealed that many people there do  not own building permits.

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