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Cameroon – 2023 Senatorial Elections : CPDM Covers all Ten Regions

The Electoral Council of Elections Cameroon (Elecam) has just made public the lists of candidates for the March 12 senatorial…

The Electoral Council of Elections Cameroon (Elecam) has just made public the lists of candidates for the March 12 senatorial elections.


Pending possible appeals to the Constitutional Council, the published lists reveal that 33 candidates of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) out of 70 are running for the first time, a rate of renewal of lists of almost 50%. It is true that it was necessary to replace deceased senators. But it is clear that several outgoing senators, including members of the political bureau, will not reapply in 2023. Review of the lists.

In Adamaoua, after only one mandate, the former head of the list Ismaila Nana is not in the list of candidates for the election next March. The same goes for Paul Hamadou, who died on 15 May 2022. They are replaced by Zoubaïnatou Salihou and Abba Harouna.

In the Centre, the former head of the list and vice-president of the Senate, Sylvestre Naah Ondoua, who died in 2022, was replaced by Laurent Nkodo. The latter was previously a senator appointed by the President of the Republic. This time he will seek legitimacy in the ballot box. In the department of Mfoundi, the outgoing senator Élie Victor Essomba Tsoungui is replaced by the former director of Iric Pierre Emmanuel Tabi. In the department of Mbam-et-Inoubou, the former director of Esstic Boyomo Assala replaces the former minister Pascal Anong Adibine.

In the East region, Benjamin Amama Amama becomes head of the list, in the absence of Charles Salé. Djole Assouho épse Tokpanou, Monique Ouli Ndongo, Marie Claire Moampea and Jean Mboundjo are also no longer in office. Their replacements are Naomie Mikel Begala, Élise Asso, Mireille Adare Gassawily, Eugène Kouma.

In the Far North, Martin Amrakaye and Bladi Abba are absent from the lists. They are replaced by Angeline Dorothée Waidere and Nikamane Nathanaël. The Littoral region offers to see the sidelining of two CPDM leaders, Geneviève Tjoues and Thomas Tobbo Eyoum, both members of the political bureau of the presidential party. Moreover, only Jean David Bile and Marie Armande Din Bell are returning. All those of the former mandate have been replaced by Yvette Josette Jacqueline Ng’Obama, Célestin Ketchanga, Manga Zang, Dieudonné Dikabo, Marguerite Ngando Ngonde.

In the North, all the senators of the former mandate, with the exception of Yvonne Asta, have been dismissed by the party hierarchy which is presenting seven new candidates. They are Garba Souaïbou, Didjatou Oumarou, Emmanuel Sourouhoul, Salamatou Epse Moussa Martine, Sali Mohaman and Oumarou Vaidang.

Beaten in the last elections of 2018 in the North-West, the CPDM is back this year with a list that is almost 100% renewed. With the exception of the head of the list Lafon épse Eno Emma Veryele. The rest of the candidates are new. They are Ngafeeson Emmanuel Bantar, Neba Ndosiri Bridget Ndoye, Kobenge Sekedi Bomeh, Enwe Francis Abi, Fointama Hilda Aluma, Mbufong Carl Moses Fontong.

In the West, the 2nd degree superior chief of Bamessingué, Teingnidetio, saved in extremis in 2018 after being fiercely attacked by the SDF before the Constitutional Council because of a disputed identity, will no longer be part of the game. The same goes for Ngoubeyou François Xavier. We note the entry of the businesswoman Françoise Puene and Rodrigue Tchuetchue Mbokouoko.

There is no change in the South West where the CPDM is renewing the old list in its entirety. On the other hand, in the South, the late Senator Bernard Amougou and Senator Gisèle Solange Afane are replaced by Yvette Ngbwa Bala and Jeanne Caroline Afane.

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