Afcon 2023 : Playback Analysis of Cameroon – Namibia Match

The Cameroonian team was the favourite at the start of the game, but did not fully meet the expectations of…

The Cameroonian team was the favourite at the start of the game, but did not fully meet the expectations of the public who turned out in large numbers for the first game of the national team at the Ahmadou Ahidjo Stadium . The Lions wanted to win and the Warriors wanted to limit the damage.



If one looks at the statistics, the Cameroonians dominated the match with their feet and head, leaving little initiative to an opponent who was folded up in defence and adept at deadly counter-attacks. The goal conceded from a misunderstanding between defender Casteletto and goalkeeper Epassy was the result of pressure from the Namibian striker. It was an unexpected and cruel scenario that plunged the Mfandena bowl into desolation.

The lesson to be learned from this clash of styles is that it is not enough to dominate a match with nearly 70% of the ball to win in the end. This sterile domination is the consequence of a game that is certainly enthusiastic but too stereotyped, lacking inspiration and creativity.

After a long period of chasing the score, the Lions can thank the young first-choice player Olivier Kemen who allowed them to save the honour. Despite some good phases, the Cameroonian system of play sometimes lacked fluidity, explosiveness and accuracy in the last movement. The national team needs a soloist capable of carrying the ball to create danger in the opponent’s area as well as professional full-backs capable of supplying good balls to an attacking line that certainly wore the shirt but without much effectiveness.

Even if we can regret certain choices, we must recognize the will of coach Rigobert Song to change the lines by throwing in the bath for the first time new elements. There is still a lot of work to be done to get the mayonnaise to take hold, as was the case during the Cameroon-Namibia match, where he analysed the situation and made the necessary adjustments.

However, let’s not lose sight of the fact that the national team was handicapped by the absence of several key players (Aboubakar, Choupo, Toko-Ekambi) among others. Cameroon remains leader in  its pool and nurses hopes to win the return Match again Namibia in Johannesburg come March 29th 2023.

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