Zouglou: “The musical genre dedicated to praising God”

Ivorian singer Richard Kreme describes Zouglou, originally a secular musical genre, as a “useful” form of music to praise God.“There…

Ivorian singer Richard Kreme describes Zouglou, originally a secular musical genre, as a “useful” form of music to praise God.“There is no typical musical style in which one should praise the Lord” Kreme says.

“I chose Zouglou (to carry the message of the Gospel) because it is in this style that the Lord found me,” the Ivorian singer explains to APA after a live concert called “Zouglou living.”

This concept, created by the Christian television LMTV, aims to highlight the Zouglou gospel, as an instrument to bring the word of God through this musical rhythm, which was born in the 1990s in a student environment, to denounce the ills of society.

Zouglou living takes place as part of the ‘Holy Holidays,’ a platform that offers Christians in the world, healthy performances, for entertainment under evangelical notes, a means to convert souls to Christ.

“It should also be pointed out that there is no typical musical style in which to praise the Lord. All musical styles are useful to praise the Lord, it depends on the message you want to convey,” Richard Kreme adds.  

“I do Zouglou because in the past, I used to do Zougou,” he says, in order to better convey his message, since “Zouglou is the identity of Cote d’Ivoire”.

Kreme “feels better and more comfortable” when he conveys his message through Zouglou.

The theme of the 2021 edition of the ‘Holy Holidays’ is “Let’s love each other.” 

Richard Kreme sends a message to the effect that “we have an obligation to love all of God’s creatures, even our enemies.”

Once despised and humiliated, the Ivorian singer says today that he is “proud of Jesus,” whose love has saved and given flavor to his life.

The evening also included a performance by the preacher Moyo, who works in the Zouglou chapel, as well as the group ‘Les Messagers de la Bonne Nouvelle’ (The Messengers of the God News), which includes three young Christians.

According to Moyo, “the truth is what God says to you.” 

Besides, The Messengers of the Good News notes that when the Lord speaks, then His hand has already acted and our faith should materialize His inspired will.

Zouglou living highlights the Zouglou rhythm, a very popular rhythm in Cote d’Ivoire. 

Next Thursday, Rap living is scheduled with a cluster of artists including Steezo, a former successful rapper who has now dedicated his life to Jesus.

The calendar of the concerts indicates the Gospel living will take place on August 26, 2021 and the Rumba living, on September 2. 

These concerts are intended to spread the gospel by pouring the words of Christ into people’s lives.

The ambassador of Belgium, at the concert with his wife, reveled with the public and the ecclesiastical authorities at the songs and hymns released by the singers.

For the Belgian diplomat, the heart is the motor of love. 

He points out that “there is a lot of love between Belgium and Cote d’Ivoire.” 

His is a message of hope to young people to ensure that love is the ferment of their lives.

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