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Woman discovered with breasts chopped off in Buea

The discovering of a young woman in the Sandpit neighbourhood of Buea with her two breasts conveniently lacerated by some…

The discovering of a young woman in the Sandpit neighbourhood of Buea with her two breasts conveniently lacerated by some unknown individual has plunged inhabitants of the South West Regional capital into confusion.

The young woman in her mid 30s was discovered naked in the early hours of Wednesday, February 21, 2018, with her breast freshly chopped-off, while her breast-less body was dumped beside a famous relaxation spot in the Buea metropolis.

Speaking to reporters, Harriette Mbapi, a health worker (nurse) at the Buea Regional Hospital, who first saw the victim lying in front of her house, while on her way to work recounted: “When I first saw her lying naked, I was terrified, I thought she was dead. But I summoned the courage and went closer to her. I asked her who she was but she didn’t respond. So when we inspected her, we discovered that her two breasts where freshly cut-off and we suspect that the act was committed by a professional because there was no bleeding. Only a professional can carry out such a thing with such precession and expertise,” she recounted.

The health worker said when she saw the situation, she alerted a few neighbours and before they knew it, the population started gathering.

“At this point, we called in the Rapid Intervention Brigade who came and carried the woman to the General Hospital,” she said.

Meanwhile, all attempts to speak to the doctor who attended to the lady were abortive.

However, the February 22 incident is not a new happenstance to the population of Buea. On March 14, 2013, the villagers of Wondongo on the slopes of Mt. Fako were left aghast when news broke that a young man, Gabriel Mbonde, has beheaded his own.

After dismembering his father’s head from the rest of his body, the culprit took the father’s head and headed for the Buea Council before he was caught by the angry population.

After interrogation from the forces of law and order, Mbonde confessed that the person who requested for his father’s head was at the Buea Council waiting for him. But that person, who was reportedly a highly placed person at the Buea Council according to Mbonde’s confession, was never apprehended.

However, few weeks to the Senatorial elections, a similar incident is happening in the same town, but this time not with the heads of man, but with the breasts of a lady. Tongues are already ranting that with the impending elections, many of such cases are bound to come on.

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