What will Paul Biya tell Cameroonians today?

The Head of State Paul Biya is expected to address the nation today at 8pm local time in his traditional…

The Head of State Paul Biya is expected to address the nation today at 8pm local time in his traditional end of year message to Cameroonians.

Millions of cameroonians will be glued to their sets in hope to listen to what Paul Biya has to say. We take a look at some of the key issues Biya could address later tonight;

The Anglophone crisis

Biya can definitely not escape from the reality of the Anglophone crisis any longer. The existence of the crisis is no longer a taboo but the panacea seems a mystery. But Biya will argue that he has taken a number of measures to solve the crisis and it will not be strange to hear him mention the Disarmament Committee or the release of 289 Anglophones when he addresses Cameroonians tonight. Will he address his olive branch to the detained ‘Ambazonia leaders’?

The 2019 Afcon withdrawal

“Le Cameroun sera prêt le jour dit” (Cameroon will be ready on the D-day). That was Biya taking the engagement to deliver infrastructure to host the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations. The Etoudi stalwart has remained mute since the Confederation of African Football gave a smack on Cameroon’s face by withdrawing the hosting rights from Cameroon last month. Maybe he would take a consolation in the fact that the opportunity ha been pushed forward to 2021 and address Cameroonians on the way forward.

His new mandate and government

Paul Biya is just over a month old into his new mandate which he has termed that of “greater opportunities” and it could be another opportunities for his today to sell such dreams to Cameroonians once again. What holds for the economy in the next yea and the rest of his mandate, youth (un)employment and insfrastucturals development could definitely creep into Biya’s speech. But one thing is certain, Biya will be quick to beat his chest on the “democratic progress” made by Cameroon in 2018 with the setting up of the Constitutional Council and the holding of the senatorial and Presidential election.

Without leaving out other important aspects like the fight against corruption and good governance, Paul Biya is expected to provide concrete solutions to the growing security challenges faced by Cameroon and the need for a broad-based dialogue to unite the country and get back on the right track.