What did Biya swear to do as President of Cameroon?

Cameroon's President Paul Biya was sworn into offcie for a seventh consecutive mandate  on Tuesday November 6 at the National…

Cameroon’s President Paul Biya was sworn into offcie for a seventh consecutive mandate  on Tuesday November 6 at the National Assembly in a ceremony attended by dignitories of the various state institutions.

Paul Biya, 85, is thus Cameroon’s President for another seven-year mandate giving him the chance to extend his 36-year stay in office.

“I do so swear!” was the catch phrase of the Etoudi stalwart as he begins the first day of seven years to come but what did he really swear to do during these seven years come?

Placed under the slogan of “greater opportunities”, Paul Biya started his new mandate by pledging his loyalty to the state institutions as he has always done.

Consolidate successes of the previous mandates

To start with, Paul Biya made an assessment of his just ended mandate combing through all the various sectors before stressing that he will consolidate and strive to maintain all the successes achieved during that period. For this to be possible, structural reforms are needed in order to maintain the balance of the state budget and control debts. These measures he said are the prerequistes for a competitive economy which will be attractive to investors.

Develop agricultural and industrial sectors to boost the economy

Paul Biya stressed on developing the various sectors of the economy which could divert consumption patterns from imported goods and services, so as to ensure a fair balance of trade.  Thus an “agricultural revolution” will certainly see the day of light during the new mandate aimed at modernisation of  production and transformation methods to maintain Cameroon’s position as the bread basket of the Central African sub region.

This agricultural transformation goes with industrialisation which will also be a key sector that Paul Biya has pledged to pay particular attention to. However, for this to be possible, the country has to boost its energy production which Paul Biya says several dams have been constructed and will spare no energy to explore other avenues for energy to boost these sectors. Even rural areas will benefit from solar panels, the 85-year old promised. All these projects will be accompanied with the construction and development of infrastructure to serve not only to boost the economy but to facilitate communication with neighbouring countries.

Youth employment and others

The Head of State also made a wide range of promises such as fostering economic growth that creates jobs, particularly for youths, which can creease purchasing power. Paul Biya has also taken up the challenge to promote women in the society, as well as facilitate social integration of youths by further developing the educational sector and professionalizing it. Paul Biya will also keep a close eye on the  protection of vulnerable persons as he strives to fight against social exclusion while enhancing the healt sector and providing access to potable water to the massess.  Paul Biya did not also forget to stress on the development of sports infrastructure with his first challenge being the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations which Cameroon will host.