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Vigilante group member missing, after operation that killed six Boko Haram terrorists

Reports from the Far North region say as of March 15, a member of the Zamga local vigilante group that…

Reports from the Far North region say as of March 15, a member of the Zamga local vigilante group that killed six Boko Haram insurgents in a shootout along the Niigeria-Cameroon frontier on March 11, is still missing.

The president of the local anti-terrorism group says they cannot declare the missing fighter dead, because he might be lost in the bushes.

Mahama Oumate buttressed his argument with the fact that it was the first time the missing group member was taking part in an operation. Another group member told reporters on the ground that they still hope he will find his way home.

During the attack on March 11, the vigilante group, after taking down six from a group of seven attackers, was later forced to vamoose into nearby bushes as numerous heavily armed terrorists rushed to the rescue of their fellow extremists.

The attack took place on March 11 in Wada, a locality in the Far North region covered by the Zamga Vigilante group. According to the group’s president, Mahama Oumate, 30 of them were hiding in a bush with their habitual artisanal weapons. When they detected that the intruders from Nigeria were terrorists, they immediately opened fire, killing six of them on the spot.

Mahama Oumate revealed that when they tried to chase the remaining terrorist, another cohort of assailants emerged from behind him. They exchanged fire until they realised they were outnumbered and had run out of ammunitions. He also revealed that the attackers had more sophisticated weapons.

Despite their retreat, the terrorists could no longer continue their trip to Cameroon as they fled back into the Nigerian towns of Tchinini and Agapalao.

Vigilante groups in localities at risk of Boko Haram, have been working in synergy lately. These include the vigilante groups in Kerawa, Zamga,Talla-Massali and Achigachia; towns that have been repeatedly hit by Boko Haram. Together the groups plan regular patrols along routes that are usually used by the so-called Jihadists.

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