TV5 Monde to partner with CRTV

The general manager of the French television station TV5 Monde, Yves Bigot has expressed his willingness to boost the Cameroon…

The general manager of the French television station TV5 Monde, Yves Bigot has expressed his willingness to boost the Cameroon media industry, notably the Cameroon Radio and Television Corporation, CRTV.

The Ggeneral manager unveiled his wish during a meeting that took place on Monday July 17, 2017 at the Unity Palace with the secretary general at the presidency, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh, who represented the head of state. According to the national bilingual daily, Cameroon Tribune, the brain behind the French TV station’s desire to give media assistance to CRTVcame within the framework of the 21st edition of the Africa Film Festival, dubbed ‘Ecrans Noir’.

The festival coincided with celebrations marking the 25th edition of TV5 Mondelast Saturday in Yaounde. After Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh held talks with the minister of communication and the general manager of CRTVearlier that same day on the digital economy, the lone bilingual daily reported that this topic also came under discussions. It was then that the minister talked to the visitor about the pending switch over of the CRTV analogue to the digital system.

In addition, Yves Bigot also made mention of the wish of his TV channel to support the broadcasting service in Cameroon in terms of according technical and technological assistance to television stations in Cameroon. The TV5boss added that what is equally expected is the mounting of programmes for CRTV’sdigital package which will consist of six different channels.  Meanwhile, Yves Bigot who was accompanied by his counterpart, the general manager of TV5 Mondein Africa, Denise Epote to the Unity Palace  also affirmed that arrangements have been made for the launch of a children TV5channel in Cameroon similar to what has been operating in some African countries over a year ago.

Yves Bigot in another meeting at the ministry of arts and culture, MINAC with the boss Narcisse Mouelle Kombi talked about the 5th edition of the Francophone cinema and the trophy which is coming up this December in Yaounde. The visitor said the event had already been organized in Abidjan, Ivory Coast for two years, Beirut in Lebanon last year; while Dakar has been hosting since 2013 events to promote francophone professionals in the cinematographic industry.

The visitor opined that welcoming the cinema trophy in Cameroon will be an ideal occasion to put Cameroonian cinema actors one step forward. “We have been working throughout the year with these cinema actors since we are co producing television films and series in francophone African countries like Cameroon in particular.” He equally explained, “it is very important for us to work not only with government channels but also with private stations all over the nation, especially with film directors, producers and comedians and to support them in the dissemination of their works to our antennas.

Actually, when a film is distributed to TV5 Monde, it is possible for it to be viewed in the United States, Japan as well as Canada,” Yves Bigot explained. It should be noted that TV5 Monde is a global television network, broadcasting in French on several channels. It is an approved member of the European Broadcasting Union. The TV station which came into existence on January 2, 1984 claims to be one of the top three most available global television networks around the world.

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