TPLF rebels recapture Korum town after heavy fighting

Rebels of the Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF) have recaptured the northern Ethiopian town of Korum after heavy fighting, APA…

Rebels of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) have recaptured the northern Ethiopian town of Korum after heavy fighting, APA learnt from sources on Tuesday.TPLF forces are pushing south to the Amhara region in a bid to recapture additional areas that it forcefully incorporated into Tigray region of Ethiopia after it swept to power in 1991. 

Information reaching APA from the area said TPLF fighters are shelling towns such as Alamata, which is south of Korem, with artillery and other heavy bombardment from their strategic positions on Mount Gerakasu. 

According to witnesses there were civilian casualties in Alamata town.  

There have been reports of hundreds of civilians killed as TPLF forces continue their march further south.

Mesenbet Assefa, who is an Assistant Professor of Law at Addis Ababa University School of Law, said he is confused that the Ethiopian government seems to be unable or unwilling to protect civilians in Alamata and Raya. 

He tweeted, “the government seems unable or unwilling to protect my home town, Alamata and the surroundings in Raya from these terrorists. We demand an explanation of what is going on there? My God Protect our People! The government has a responsibility to provide information.” 

Dejene Assefa, an activist who is from Alamata town, on Monday said “TPLF is currently firing on the town of #Alamata (my hometown) with heavy artillery from Mount Gracasu. Two innocents killed, & the Trinity Church was partially damaged. Whereas in Bala & Chercher towns, hundreds of innocent people of Raya Massacred  by the TPLF.” 

In one report, TPLF spokesperson, Getachew Reda, was quoted as saying that rebel forces are in control of Korem town, located some 170 kilometers south of the Tigray capital Mekelle. 

North Gondar Zone Government Communication agency on Monday shared a mobilization decree calling for all armed residents in the region to stand up to the TPLF onslaught. 

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