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SW population splits over 12.7 billion Gov’t’s Relief Fund to displaced Anglophone

The population of the South West Region has received the news of the FCFA 12.7 billion Government Relief Funds earmarked…

The population of the South West Region has received the news of the FCFA 12.7 billion Government Relief Funds earmarked for victims of the ongoing Anglophone Crisis with mixed feelings.

While some people have lauded the gestures, others have described it as putting the cart before the horse.

Speaking to on Thursday, June 21, 2018, Jonathan Ekuke, a businessman in Buea said: “this is a wonderful initiative taken by the Government. I have personally been looking forward to such an initiative because when the humanitarian Crisis in three Northern Regions of Cameroon caused by Boko Haram, broke out some years back, we rallied together as Cameroonians and supported the victims of the three Regions. I’m surprised that it has taken Government this long to respond to the Crisis in the two English-speaking Regions of Cameroon. But I am happy that she has finally responded, after all, Government machinery grinds slowly but surely,” he said.

To Martha Ngonga, the Government has demonstrated that it still cares for her citizens. “I think the Government has acted as a true father by beating his children and bring them closer to him. I think these funds will go a long way to help our brothers and sisters who have really been suffering after their houses were burnt down. I want to thank the Government for this wonderful and kind gesture.”

Meanwhile, Christopher Ntaboli prayed Government to continue in such a humanitarian way, because going by him; it is through such gesture that a lasting solution to the Crisis can be sought.

“You will agree with me that the war in the first place was uncalled for and has cost Cameroon so much. I want to thank the Government for realising this in time and taking steps to resolve the problem by reaching out to both internally and externally displaced persons. It is only through such a humanitarian gesture that we can finally put an end to this senseless war. I also want to encourage Cameroonians to support the Government to achieve this objective.”

However, while a cross section of the population of the South West has applauded Government for this initiative, to others it is of no consequence.

Fotabong Ernestine, a cocoa farmer who was resident in Muyenge, but was forced to relocate to Buea after her seven room block house was razed to ashes by security forces, said such a gesture is the zenith of provocation.

“Is Government going to reconstruct my house and give me back the bags of cocoa and the money that I lost when my house was completely burnt down? What did we ever do to this Government that has reduced us to beggars? No matter what they do, they cannot repair the damage they have already caused us. Some of us work extremely hard to a make a living, most of them who ordered police to come and beat and kill our children only steal from our hard work and are now using our sweat to kill us” the woman who has been squatting in her daughter’s one room hostel in the student residential neighbourhood of Buea said.

On his part, Dr. Austine Nforchang said: “This Government action is like putting the cart before the horse. If our Government is not really confused, why did it not call for a cease fire first before coming out with such an intiative?  How does it intend to get the money or donated items to those living in the bush? or is it only the refugees in Nigeria that will benefit from this gesture? Government really need to rethink its strategy.”

On his part, Oliver Mesumbe, asserted that the move is another opportunity by some Minister to line their pockets. “We know the scandal that surrounded the funds that were destined to the Boko Haram victims. This is another opportunity for those who have this country in their hands to feed fat.”

“How can Government, which is supposed to be made up of people with brains, choose Atanga Nji and entrust money and other assistance to take to Anglophone refugees, people whom he does not have regards for?  If we were to go by his media utterances, then this campaign is already doomed before it even started,” Mathias Shang said.

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