Sudan: Deposed Bashir’s brother with suspected Covid-19

Abdallah al-Bashir, the brother of Sudan's ousted president Omar al-Bashir has been taken ill with a suspected case of coronavirus,…

Abdallah al-Bashir, the brother of Sudan’s ousted president Omar al-Bashir has been taken ill with a suspected case of coronavirus, a local media outlet reported.Abdallah al-Bashir was one of the former president’s brothers who arrested and detained last year for alleged involvement in corruption and the heavy-handed clampdown on protesters.

Debanga TV reported on Thursday that Abdallah and seven other former senior officials of the erstwhile regime have been transferred from prison to hospitals in the capital Khartoum where some of them are being treated for the virus. 

It says three of those hospitalised have been confirmed with Covid-19.

The Public Prosecutor office has been quoted in reports as saying Abdallah Al Bashir is one of two cases with suspected symptoms of the respiratory disease.

In a statement the state prosecutor revealed that Ahmed Haroun, a former Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Governor of North Kordofan, Abdelrahim Hussein are hospitalized with the disease.

So is former First Vice President Ali Osman Taha.

The number of cases involving former Bashir officials who are incarcerated over corruption allegations could rise as more tests are being conducted on members of the former regime.

Other imprisoned former officials have turned down requests for Covid-19 tests.