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Stanley Enow: 5 things I love about Cameroon

Stanley Enow, Cameroonian rapper has shared some of the things he loves about his country. The “hein pere” artist told Okay…

Stanley Enow, Cameroonian rapper has shared some of the things he loves about his country. The “hein pere” artist told Okay Africa how he is fascinated about everything Cameroonian especially the food and women.  Hear him:

1.) “Impossible N’est Pas Camerounais”

A good number of our people live by this Cameroonian motto: Impossible N’est Pas Camerounais, meaning “Nothing Is Impossible to a Cameroonian.” This slogan is a great source of motivation. It’s like Obama’s famous “Yes We Can.”

Life in Africa is not easy and Cameroon is no exception, however Cameroonians have been blessed with a go-getter spirit. Faced with all the challenges that an average African child faces on a daily basis, Cameroonians don’t give in to all apparent limitations.

With myself as an example, I always go that extra mile. To me everything is possible no matter what.

2.) Cameroonians Are Becoming More and More Supportive Towards Their Artists.

During recent times, I have experienced magical sensations when on stage. I find the crowd singing fully to my songs, screaming and fainting, it becomes very interesting for me living the life of a performer.

The connection you get from the crowd keeps you going and makes you feel there’s something deeper than music. Cameroon is the place to be! I can’t brag enough!

3.) The Benefits of Two Official Languages

English and French are spoken as official languages. This gives virtually all Cameroonians (once they realize the potential) the unique capacity to easily cut through and across most parts of Africa and parts of the world breaking language barriers with considerable ease.

Thanks to the fact that I use English and French in my music it easily receives attention from various parts of the continent. For example, Ghanaians, Congolese, Nigerians, French, Americans, English-speaking Europeans can quite easily understand the message in my music.

4.) Ndolè, Fufu and Eru, Mbongo Tchobi, Achu, Koki…

One of the most captivating points of a nation is its meals. We have a variety of delicious traditional meals you will never find anywhere else in Africa. We have Ndolè, we have Mbongo Tchobi, we have Achu, we have Koki, we have Koki Corn, we have Nkwi…

Whenever I travel out of Cameroon I quickly get home sick as I miss my Fufu and Eru which is my traditional meal from my tribe Bayangi from Manyu. Our meals also serve as a source of inspiration.

I remember singing about Fufu and Eru in one of my soul tracks, “Have A Dream” off my album Soldier Like Ma Papa.

 5.) The Beauty of the Cameroonian Woman

African women in general have something unique. There is nothing as pleasing as seeing a well-built dark skinned lady sitting next to you say at the airport or in the bank!

I remember the catchy phrases in my first official song, “Hein Pere,” in which I celebrated the beauty of the Cameroonian woman incarnated in our national divas and heroines such as Charlotte DipandaLady Ponce and Kareyce Fotso.