Senegal marks third consultation on sustainable food systems roadmap

The third national consultations devoted to the analysis, amendment and validation of Senegal's roadmap for sustainable food systems kicked off…

The third national consultations devoted to the analysis, amendment and validation of Senegal’s roadmap for sustainable food systems kicked off on Tuesday in Dakar, APA noted.Less than two months before the World Summit on Sustainable Food Systems, the consensus document to be presented at this meeting, slated for September 2021 in New York, is being finalized. It should “highlight specific actions and partnerships for quantitative transformations of food and nutrition systems at the national level,” said UN Resident Coordinator, Siaka Coulibaly.

The document should also highlight the main lines of priority actions for the next ten years.

According to Mr. Coulibaly, the World Summit on Food Systems is an opportunity for Senegal to put in place recovery plans that will reverse current trends and change current consumption and protection patterns in favour of a more sustainable world, all this, while consolidating the results already achieved by the country.

“An agreement at the end of these consultations will enable Senegal to protect itself in the long term and build a relevant strategic roadmap,” he said.

Siaka Coulibaly also stressed the need to work out innovative solutions for financing food systems to make them more sustainable, equitable and resilient.

For its part, the Thematic Group on Rural Development and Food Security (WGFRS) recalled the importance of defining policies and having investments that create decent work and agro-entrepreneurship opportunities for women and youth and support their empowerment as actors and leaders of food systems.

In addition, the WGDRSA called for accelerated adaptation of agriculture and food systems to climate change, increased investment in food security, nutrition, sustainable food systems and territorial development, and the promotion of a holistic, science-based “One Health” approach to improve public health outcomes.

Senegal’s Minister of Agriculture and Rural Equipment, Moussa Bald”, reiterated the commitment of the Government of Senegal to standing by all actors on the path to building sustainable and equitable food systems.

The World Summit on Food Systems is an initiative of United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres. It is part of the Decade of Action to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) by 2030.

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