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Senators exhorted to promote national unity

The eldest member of Cameroon’s Senate, Nfon Victor Essimi Mukete Ngo, has urged members of the Upper House of Parliament…

The eldest member of Cameroon’s Senate, Nfon Victor Essimi Mukete Ngo, has urged members of the Upper House of Parliament to promote the spirit oneness and national unity.

Nfon Mukete made the remark Tuesday, April 24, as he opened deliberations at the senate for the second legislative period.

During the opening session, Nfon Mukete Fon who clocks a centenary in November, made an impeccable delivery, characteristic of an erudite and authoritative West Cameroon scholar. “Cameroon is growing as a modern state, so Senators must commit to the spirit of oneness and dialogue and promote values of national unity, peace keeping, with the conviction that Cameroon is one and indivisible,” Mukete stated.

Mukete equally advised fellow senators to get ready to work and put general interest at the centre of all their initiatives.

Deliberations in this session, it should be noted, will be characterised with the screening of files, to ascertain the eligibility the 100 senators for the office of senator after which they will be given a signal of office and then a permanent bureau put in place.

Cameroon’s senate came to fruition on Tuesday, May 14,2013, seventeen years after the Tripartite Conference in Yaounde proposed the institutionalisation of the body in Cameroon’s Constitution.

Following Cameroon’s constitutional provisions, the President of the Senate is the second in command after the President of the Republic. At the March 25 Senatorial elections, 70 Senators were elected from two political parties the CPDM with 63 Senators and the SDF with 7.

According to a constitutional provision allowing the President of the Republic to appoint 30 more Senators to make up 100 members, on Thursday, April 12, 2018, Biya completed the list of the country’s Senators. Of the 30 Senators that President Biya appointed, four of them are women. They are CPDM’s, Regina Mundi from the Northwest CPDM, ANDP’s Marlyse Aboui from the East Region and CPDM’s Paulette Bisseck from the South Region.This brings the number of female Senators to 26 as against 21 in the last legislature.

Meanwhile, political pundits say the CPDM overwhelming majority will once more “terrorise” the opposition minority by dictating the mood and tone of events in the house. For one thing, the CPDM and its allies namely: the NUDP, the ANDP, FNSC, the MDR and the UPC make up 93 percent of the Senate. The ally parties of the CPDM, except the NUDP, have one Senator each due to the magnanimity of the President of the Republic.



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