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SDF snubs Kamto’s coalition call

The Social Democratic Front has dismissed any possible coalition led by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement's Maurice Kamto ahead of the…

The Social Democratic Front has dismissed any possible coalition led by the Cameroon Renaissance Movement’s Maurice Kamto ahead of the 2018 Presidential elections.

Sitting at the National Executive meeting in Bamenda at the weekend, the SDF brushed aside the option, just one week after the CRM chairman Maurice Kamto declared he is in negotiations with the SDF flag bearer Joshua Osih for a possible coalition.

A spokesman of the Social Democratic Front told Journalducameroun.com that the party saw they call from Kamto as a non-event and will be fully backing Joshua Osih in a bid to unseat Paul Biya.

The spokesman however confirmed the party had held talks with the Cameroon Renaissance movement which unfortunately did not bear fruits.

“The SDF is the leading opposition figure and will not accept any coalition where a candidate from another party comes with the intention to lead,” the spokesman said as he dismissed Kamto’s approach of wanting to be the main leader of a possible opposition coalition.

He however said the party has secured several key allies and opinion leaders for the upcoming elections but for strategic reasons, they can not make it public at the moment.

One of such opinion leaders is political analyst Dieudonné Essomba who has publicly backed Joshua Osih’s bid for the 2018 Presidential election.

“From my discussions with Joshua Osih, he has a sound financial policy suitable to that of Switzerland which I think is the best for Cameroon and that is why I will be fully supporting him,” Essomba said on Vision 4 flagship program “Club d’Elites”.

The Social Democratic Front also took several decisions during the National Executive Committee meeting of the party on Saturday as they set up a commission of inquiry to investigate alleged frauds recorded during the Senatorial elections.