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SDF Mayor who punched resigned party member appears in court today

The SDF Douala V council official says he acted in self-defence Carlos Rodrigue Ngoualem, Deputy Mayor of Douala V Council…

The SDF Douala V council official says he acted in self-defence

Carlos Rodrigue Ngoualem, Deputy Mayor of Douala V Council has been dragged to court for punching a certain Elimby Lobe Abel, a former member of the Social Democratic Front, SDF. The SDF municipal councillor was summoned alongside Rodrigue Tongue, journalist at Canal 2 International and presenter of the widely watched show, ‘La Rene’. Tongue is being represented at the hearing by Eric Fotso of Canal 2.

Though the summons to appear before the examining magistrate of the Douala magistrate court today does not carry the accusations, it should be recalled that the plaintiff and the SDF had engaged in a scuffle five months ago, in the premises of Canal 2 International. The fight took place shortly after they had a heated debate during the ‘La Rene’ programme presented by Rodrigue Tongue.

Elimby Lobe Abel wrote on social media after the fight, that the SDF mayor punched him in the face, causing a nose bleed. In reaction, the accused said Lobe was over-powered in a one on one debate in the “Duel” slot of ‘La Rene’ program. According to him, the ‘defeated’ guest on the program decided to attack him (Ngoualem) after the program. He said Lobe pushed him and he fell to the ground, got up and thought of just ignoring the assault “as I have been ignoring his mudslinging since the day he left the SDF.” He said it was after a second thought, “I decided to defend myself. Now he is seeking sympathy from the public. Who attacked who?”

The SDF official for his part beseeched Cameroonians to pay attention to Lobe’s utterance and judge for themselves. He says the ex-SDF member has been insulting the party ever since his resignation. “He said over Balafon Radio that he would remain in politics in order to fight me personally”, Ngoualem claimed.

The issue was thought to have been laid to rest when Benjamin Zebaze, Publisher of Ouest Littoral caused Ngoualem to apologise to Lobe for punching him. It is expected the reason Lobe dug up the matter five months later, would be known at the end of the grilling scheduled for today.

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