Ruth Tembe Biz, On Leading Change In Cameroon

It’s a calm Saturday morning and amongst all the happenings around, we are not left indifferent by the influence of…

It’s a calm Saturday morning and amongst all the happenings around, we are not left indifferent by the influence of her personality, her impact, the energy she carries around as she wears so many hats at the same time.

On this day, we decide to get in touch with Ruth Tembe Biz. A Serial Entrepreneur, Founder of AVICOMM GROUP, ELYON CO-WORKING SPACE and many other projects and businesses.

According to Ruth Tembe the journey began since 2007 in Douala, Cameroon when she discovered the purpose of her life which is ‘to turn everything and everyone that comes her way into the best version of itself’. She therefore translated this into every area of her life which prompted her to find the African Vision Communications – AVICOMM GROUP in 2011 in Accra, Ghana after serving as an intern and a volunteer in various media houses . In the early stages of AVICOMM, the company published QUEENS MAGAZINE a Lifestyle and Corporate Magazine which focused on profiling stories of Leading Women in varied sectors in Africa. With the influx of companies soliciting  to be part of the QUEENS MAGAZINE AFRICA brand, Ruth thought it wise to extend the company to a Marketing and Advertising firm.

Today Ruth and her team via AVICOMM GROUP help companies in Ghana and Cameroon in their advertising and Marketing plan and Strategies. She also develops companies from their start-up stage to Scale. Renowned and established businesses are also part of their portfolio as they focus on  taking these companies from one stage to the other by providing innovative solutions all in a bead for these companies to increase their profit margins.

In Cameroon where Ruth launched Avicomm Group 3 years ago, she has chosen to leverage AVICOMM to change the status quo by creating platforms like Cameroon Achievers Magazine, the Young Entrepreneurs Summit, the Leading and Enterprising Women of Africa (LEWA) Organization including her provision of didactic and material resources that does not only help develop the country’s economy, but changes lives for the better. She believes that there is hope for a better Cameroon if we focus on spurring young people to embrace activities that will contribute to national welfare – Entrepreneurship and the advocacy of Peace being some of them. She insists that because young people make up about 65% of the total population of the country, these ones must be moulded NOW to become better Leaders in the future.

A few days ago, Ruth Launched the Cameroon 40 Under 4O Awards, an award ceremony which aims to keep young people busy as it spurs them to become ambitious and work excellently. The award identifies, honours and celebrates a some of the nation’s most impactful and accomplished young business leaders under the age forty from a wide range of industries and institutions , who are committed to leadership, business growth, professional excellence and community service and have risen up the ranks of their companies or industries at a relatively young age as result of this.

Whilst waiting for the unravelling of the complete Change Agenda Ruth says she has for the country, lets keep supporting, preaching and most especially, practicing this change we want to see in our beloved nation.


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