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Rumours of secessionists’ infiltration wary Dschang, Fongo Tongo, Mungo officials

Fear has gripped some administrative and security officials in some towns in Francophone Cameroon, following rumours that Anglophone secessionists have…

Fear has gripped some administrative and security officials in some towns in Francophone Cameroon, following rumours that Anglophone secessionists have infiltrated the towns and are allegedly planning to attack.

The fear has further been fuelled by recent report that Anglophone restorationist forces are threatening to take their liberation fight to the Francophone part of the country.

Several Anglophones in Lebialem Division of the South West Region have flooded Dschang in Menoua Division of the West Region because of the deadly clashes between ADF and Government troops on a deadly basis.

The influx of many Anglophones into Dschang recently plunged the local population into panic, when rumours went viral that some elements of the secessionist forces, who have infiltrated the town were planning to carry out a series of attacks.

As the rumours made the rounds in the Division, the Divisional Officer (SDO) of Dschang, Jules Eric Ekoumé, issued a communiqué, urging the local population to remain vigilant and carefully watch those entering the city.

“There is the risk that some secessionist fighters can use this opportunity to cause havoc in our town. Report any suspected visitor to the forces of law and order,” Ekoumé advised.

He also exhorted them to manifest a spirit of solidarity, love and living together to their fellow compatriots fleeing from growing insecurity in the two Regions.

Meanwhile, there were recent reports that ADF had sneaked into Fongo Tongo from Lebialem Division after an alleged gun battle between the secessionist fighters and Government troops in Fongo Tongo.

But the DO of Fongo Tongo issued a communiqué, debunking such reports. According to the DO, despite the location of Fongo Tongo closer to Lebialem Division, where secessionist fighters seemed to be active, the local administrative authorities and security forces are on high alert to forestall any attack from the restorationist fighters.

Still in Menoua Division, security forces in Santcho Sub-division have alerted the population to watch out for ADF who have been active in neighbouring Bangem Sub-division in Kupe Muanenguba Division of the South West Region

A similar alarm was raised in Mungo Division of the Littoral Region, over the alleged infiltration of secessionist forces from Kupe- Muanenguba and Meme Divisions of the South West Region through the towns of Melong, Loum, Penja and Mbanga,

On Friday, April 12, 2018, some 200 persons fleeing from the gun battle between the separatist forces and Government troops in Ediki sought refuge in the CPDM party Secretariat in Mbanga.  In the face of the panic, the DO of Mbanga, Amstrong  Buikame Woh, himself an Anglophone, assured the population that appropriate security  measures have been taken to keep Mbanga Sub-division safe.

Meanwhile, despite the numerous challenges faced by Anglophones because of the Crisis, it is now the Francophones who are having sleepless nights as the Crisis lingers on. Many are hoping that the Government will step in and resolve the situation.

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