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QATAR: Cameroon’s 2 minutes walk from hell to heaven

Cameroon won in the last moments of the extra time the ticket to the 2022 Qatar World Cup. The Lions…

Lions victory to Qatar

Cameroon won in the last moments of the extra time the ticket to the 2022 Qatar World Cup.

The Lions lost the first round of the series 1-0 at home. At the Mustapha Tchaker Stadium located at Blida, Algeria, the Lions won during the regular time, drawing the series 1-1.

The scramble for the ticket to Qatar was a tough on . At the 23rd minute, Cameroon’s Choupo Moting scores a goal living the Lions on an equal stand with the Fennecs of Algeria.
The flame to win led this decisive match into in 30 minutes prolongation . 30 minutes of roller Coster as both teams drew closer to a win.

During extra time, Algeria scored in the first leg of the 30 minutes. However, the goal was invalid due to a handball.

In one of the last efforts of the game, Ahmed Touba scored the 1-1, two minutes before the end of the match.

In a dead ball situation, Touba raised in the air to connect the ball with a header and send it to the back of the net.

The game seemed to be done by Touba’s goal. The probabilities with just one minute to go plus the added time seemed impossible for Cameroon.

Nevertheless, the miracle happened in a dead ball situation. A midfield foul allowed Cameroon to send a crass ball into the box, and Toko Ekambi scored the qualifier goal.

Game over , the final puzzle was pulled . History has being reversed in Algeria .

Cameroon for the 8th time qualifies for the FIFA World Cup . Cameroon’s goal-keeper Andre Onana was one of the most crucial players in the second leg against Algeria.

He acted as a shock absorber , covering up loopholes created by Cameroon’s defense .

Many still call it a Miracle , a match which is marked in the history of football .

Algeria coach Djamel Belmadi slumped to his knees and covered his face with his hands and stayed like that for minutes as officials tried to console him.

It was another hard blow for Algeria after it was dumped out of the African Cup in the group stage two months ago to end the defense of its title.

The 5 African qualifiers are Cameroon, Senegal, Ghana,Tunisia and Morocco. The big rock has been moved though the team looks futher to a better performance during the FIFA World Cup.

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