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Promoting Cameroon’s image

It is the crux of the matter discussed last Wednesday on the reputation of the country both outside and inside.…

It is the crux of the matter discussed last Wednesday on the reputation of the country both outside and inside.

One of the cornerstones of the UN Sustainable Development Goals is tourism. The international organization emphasizes that tourism provides benefits that help in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals and give substance to development priorities facilitating economic growth.

Beyond its playful aspect, it is also a means of attracting investors. But to do this, the image that the country gives off is very important.

This is the reason for the discussions that took place on Wednesday, May 11, 2022 at the Advanced school of mass communication, Asmac. Organized by Cooperate communication students of the Muyenga group the conference focused on the issues and actors involve in the promotion of Cameroonian heritage for a successful nation branding.

And one of the points presented as relevant to do so is the use of diplomacy. Diplomats, according to Professor Elvic Batchom, embodies the image of a State and are therefore essential players in promoting the reputation of their countries abroad.

Through his person, a diplomat can for instance sell the cultural aspect of his country through his clothing or even the ethics he demonstrates.

The professor explains that the behavior or even the associations of a diplomat provides sufficient information on the attitudes of his country or influences the image that is made of the latter. And can therefore either attract or discourage potential tourists.

Moreover, the enhancement of Cameroonian heritage according to Dr. Jean Christian Bisseni Mbog, requires for an expected result, that the country projects itself as a brand. In this case, he specifies, it is the nation that is the brand.

A brand that must make itself known, be valued and be sold. The panelists all agree on the use of both communication tools and sports personalities, for example, to highlight Cameroonian heritage.

And as in all marketing approaches, Brand ambassadors must be involved both locally and internationally, hence the notions of citizen brand ambassador and international brand ambassador.