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Prominent Franco-Cameroonian Alexis Tibidi Playing In Bundesliga

The 18-year-old striker trained at Toulouse FC in France, has already made 10 appearances, including two as a starter with…

The 18-year-old striker trained at Toulouse FC in France, has already made 10 appearances, including two as a starter with his club, Stuttgart.

He is one of the youngest players of the German football championship, Bundesliga. Age18, the striker learns by doing and challenges tough european teams every weekend.

He made his tenth appearance last Sunday, at the end of the 32nd day of the Bundesliga, during match against Hertha Berlin, 0-2.

The Franco-Cameroonian gave an interview to the webite explaining how his love for football rised: “i started football at ESA Brives, I was 4 and a half years old, it was my father who registered me. I spent almost 10 years in this club and at the age of 13, I went to the junior team of Castelmaurou, but already at my 12 years, I had signed a contract (non-solicitation agreement, editor’s note) . Then, following the two years at the hope center, I joined the Toulouse Football Club training center for 3 years and at the end of these three years, I signed my first professional contract, here in Stuttgart. “.

Talking about the relationship he has with his father, which he describe as special, he says, “my father plays an important role in my career. I think if he was not here, I would not be where I am today. He helps me with my choices, as I am still a young player, deciding on my own, I know I could make mistakes.”

Transferred to Stuttgart at the age of 17, Alexis Tibidi explains his choice and the conditions of his integration in Germany, “with my father we discussed a lot to make the right choice, whether I should stay in France or leave. My father also talked a lot with Sekou Kaba (Alexis Tibidi’s agent). We were talking, we didn’t really know, but there were several choices whether it was Italy, England, staying in France, but today with a little hindsight, we’re going to say that Germany was not such a bad choice since it allowed me to taste the professional world very quickly and here, there is a strong trust in young people”.

Having both the French and Cameroonian nationality, the French junior international can regarding the Fifa statutes on the subject of dual nationality, the possibility of changing sports nationality. On this question, Alexis wants to be cautious: “on this subject, I do not prefer to comment. Now is not the time to talk about it. I have to grow first. We will see how things go, I’m moving forward day by day.”