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President Biya orders internet reconnection in Anglophone regions

A press release from the communication ministry says the use of the internet will be closely monitored to avert instigation…

A press release from the communication ministry says the use of the internet will be closely monitored to avert instigation of hate and spread of extremists ideologies

The government of Cameroon has decided to restore internet connectivity in the English-speaking regions. The regions have been deprived of internet for more than three months.

A press release of Issa Tchiroma Bakary, Communication Minister, made public this April 20, says the Head of State has authorised the telecom minister to order telecom companies to resume provision of internet access to their customers. The minister’s communique said social media users will be monitored, in a bid to avoid propagation of hate speech, which according to government, was the reason the region was deprived of the modern communication technology.

The release which was read over state radio, recalled scenes of destruction of public and private property during the on-going protests in the North West and South West region. The minister said school children were intimidated by “extremists” and”separatists” instigated through the social media. Government said the “extremists” and “enemies of the state” used the social media to take advantage of the on-going protest in the region to push their secessionist agenda.

The release says President Paul Biya has instructed the Post and Telecommunication minster to order the companies to restore internet after taking required measures to solve the problems of striking teachers and lawyers. Tchiroma also says Cameroonians and the international community applauded the decisions taken by ministers following directives from the President, to solve the crisis.

It should be recalled that the internet was shut down on January 17 shortly after the arrest of leaders of the Anglophone Civil Society Consortium, Barrister Felix Agbor ‘Balla Kongho, and Dr Fontem Neba. Since there several national and international organisation have been calling on government to reinstate internet connection.

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