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Police Officer killed in Ekona amid May 20 chaos in Anglophone regions

It was a tense atmosphere in the two English-speaking regions of Cameron on May 20 with several incidents marring celebrations…

It was a tense atmosphere in the two English-speaking regions of Cameron on May 20 with several incidents marring celebrations in that part of Cameroon.

In Ekona, Fako Division of the South West Region, a Police Commissioner was reportedly killed when some unidentified gunmen attacked a police checkpoint and killed the Police boss alongside two of his aides. Some of the gunmen also lost their lives in the crossfire.

The gun battle between the forces of law and order and the gunmen in Ekona sent the villages fleeing into the bushes. Presently, Ekona is an abandoned town.

In the Divisional capital of Kupe-Muanenguba, Bangem in the South West Region, the Mayor of the municipality, Ekuh Simon Ojeh and his Second Deputy, Enongene Epie, were kidnapped by armed men.

In a video currently making the rounds on social media, the Mayor and his Deputy said they were abducted by the Ambazonia Restoration Forces for mobilising young people in the area to partake in the National celebrations, despite warnings issued by the Forces for the population to boycott the event.

The celebrations in Kupe-Muanenguba which was supposed to commence at 9:00am, effectively began at 2:00pm and lasted less than ten minutes, after a gun battle erupted between Security Forces and unknown armed men.

After the march past, the Divisional Officer(DO) of Bangem, Leornard Nyam, condemned in strong terms the attack on security forces.  He admitted that they were problems in Cameroon, but said it is inadmissible for people to pick up arms to demand for solutions to their problems. He reiterated that the forces of law and order were in Bangem to protect the people and not to fight with them.

It was equally a bloody National Day in Konye as armed men battled with military officers. This reporter learnt that there were some casualties in the gun battle in Konye, but could not immediately ascertain the exact number of deaths recorded.

It was also a tense atmosphere in Batibo in Momo Division of the North West Region of Cameroon. According to reports, there was a fierce battle which led to security forces killing at least two armed men and several other persons injured.

Meanwhile, in the North West Regional capital, Bamenda, the security forces used their military might to prevent any violence from escalating, but the massive boycott of the event by the population was evident.

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