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Petty traders dominate Yaounde international youth fair

The ongoing event at the National museum in Yaoundé scheduled to end on August 13 failed to meet the  50.000…

The ongoing event at the National museum in Yaoundé scheduled to end on August 13 failed to meet the  50.000 youths targeted

More traders than youths are taking part at the ongoing International Youth Fair which kicked off at the National Museum in Yaounde on August 8. Contrary to the expectations of the organisers the event is rather flooded by petty traders.

“We lack the support and participation of the cameroonian youths.We expected young entrepreneurs, unfortunately they deserted us” said Merien Ngosso, founder and Director of the International Youth Fair Thursday August 10 at a brief ceremony held at the event ground.

Contrary to the second edition where so many entrepreneurs occupied the stands and came from the different regions of cameroon, on the stands that were supposed to be rented out to the youths, are petty traders with goods on display.

Despite the low turnout of youths, activities have been organised to keep the visitors entertained.These include seminars, conferences and motivational talks. Besides these activities are intercultural activities such as dance groups performances and sales of traditional snacks. The fair opens everyday from 7am  and closes at 10pm.

Mounouna Foutsou, Minister of Youth and Civic Education, was guest of honor at the short ceremony which he presided over. He was welcomed by the different delegations from the 6 countries represented; Ivory coast, Nigeria, Madagascar, Chad, Senegal and Cameroon.

The International Youth Fair which is now at its third edition is a platform for youths in Cameroon in particular, and the world in general to expose the problems of the youth, and propose solutions. It is also an avenue for young people to showcase their talents through self-developed initiatives, in order to be valorised. The fair was organised this year under the theme “Objective of sustainable development, challenges, opportunities, threats and role of the youth.”

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