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Over a dozen Cameroonians in distress in Kuwait

Their fate was brought to the attention of public September 21 in a video broadcast over social media networks. According…

Their fate was brought to the attention of public September 21 in a video broadcast over social media networks. According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, these young women will soon return to Cameroon.

Going by reports, the Cameroonian government is now following the case of fourteen young women of Cameroonian origin, who are working in Kuwait, and are victims of exploitation and abuse by their employers. In a statement released Monday, the Cameroonian Ministry of External Relations said everything is being done to facilitate their return to Cameroon, “by October 10, 2018”.

These Cameroonian women had gone to Kuwait to work as housekeepers in homes with aim of earning more money. They were however far from imagining the harsh realities that awaited them.

“Here we do not sleep, we work like robots. They hit on us. You must not complain. For them, you are a slave and the slave is called to work at any time, at any time. When you get up at 5am, you go to bed at 1am. You get sick nobody brings you to the hospital. You stay with them and if you can’t take it, you can escape, “says one of the unfortunate victim in a video widely broadcast on social networks, September 21.

The young women involved used intermediaries for travel-related procedures and for obtaining their jobs. The practice is common in Cameroon and known as the “network”.

“The members of the local networks are most often Cameroonians. These, through posting on the streets or word of mouth, offer an immigration service with the assurance of training and / or employment abroad. Qatar, Kuwait and Dubai are among the proposed destinations. The person who asks for their services gives them the required amount and the “network” takes care of the administrative procedure and placement in families.

On arrival in the chosen country, they are welcomed by their employers or another intermediary. The victims revealed that upon arrival, their official documents and phones are confiscated. ”

“When you call the people who made us travel, they tell you that you must not run away, that you have to stay, that you have to endure, endure it to the end. When you complain that it’s not right, he says no, it’s like that everywhere. Yet initially it is not what they told us, “says one of Cameroonian distressed, currently supported by the Ministry of Social Affairs in Kuwait.

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