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After Osih, Mbah Ndam, Hon. Fobi declares presidential ambition

The political pressure cooker within the Social Democratic Front (SDF) is gaining steam as the countdown to the party’s Elective…

The political pressure cooker within the Social Democratic Front (SDF) is gaining steam as the countdown to the party’s Elective Convention slated for February 22 to 24 dwindles.

After the SDF First Vice National Chairman, Hon. Joshua Nabangi Osih, declared his intention to be SDF flag bearer in the 2018 presidential poll, followed by the Vice President of the National Assembly, Hon. Joseph Mbah Ndam, another SDF top notch, Hon. Simon Fobi Nchinda, Member of the Finance and Budget Committee of the National Assembly, Wednesday, February 7, 2018, stunned SDF militants when he declared his intention to be the presidential candidate in the 2018 election.

Declaring his candidacy during a press conference at the SDF National Secretariat in Bamenda, the MP said he has gnarled a lot of experience at the Ngoa Ekelle Glass House that will enable him to effectively pilot the fairs of the country as Head of State.

Hear him: “While working for the people of Cameroon in as Parliamentarian, I have been able to understand the functioning of our Government as to the adoption and implementation of policies. I have carried out several development projects which have improved the lives of our citizens and developed our communities.”

Hon. Fobi beseeched SDF militants to accord him the opportunity to be the party’s flag bearer in the forthcoming election so that he can effectively tackle social ills such as corruption, embezzlement, tribalism, nepotism, unemployment, lack of the rule of law, poor healthcare systems, mass exodus of youths, inadequate housing facilities and the yawning inequalities between the young and old among other things.”

“I am pleading with each Cameroonian at home and abroad to help me build a strong coalition so as to make meaningful change in our country. Change will definitely come to Cameroon. This election is our way to achieve it,” the MP stated.

With three SDF bigwigs already gunning for the Presidential ticket, many political soothsayers are already predicting a cathartic elective convention in Bamenda in less than a fortnight.

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