Nfon Mukete mends CPDM’s broken pieces in Meme

Ahead of the Senatorial elections, the eldest member of the Senate was on hand to pick up his party’s broken…

Ahead of the Senatorial elections, the eldest member of the Senate was on hand to pick up his party’s broken pieces in the Division in order to ensure a perfect victory on Sunday which is a first step in this year’s electoral road map.

This is the reason Senator VE Mukete brought together CPDM stakeholders from the various municipalities in the Division for concilliation and carry the party’s agenda to the polls.

Tensions were high in the build up to the elections between the councillors and some party hierarcy in the Division with some councillors threatening to pass a sanction vote.

However, Nfon Mukete brought all parties under his wings including the Head of the CPDM delegation, Benjamin Itoe who however failed to show up.

No other place could have been secured and perfect for the councillors as the Nfon’s Palace and they answered present in their numbers in hope and expectation.

And they were not disappointed as Senator VE Mukete briefly but succintly told them to vote for the party’s as a show of support to their national Chairman Paul Biya.

His call paved a smooth path for Meme’s Substantive candidate at the election, Andrew Otte to appeal to the councillors to vote for the party while presenting a fact sheet of his first mandate at the upper House of Parliament.

A tenure in parliament which enabled him to advocate for councillors to have salaries as well as other community outreach programs in health, sports, agriculture and education.

He however admitted some shortcomings during his first mandate but promised to comb through his constituency if he is given the chance to finish what he started in the previous mandate.

The councillors, visibly touched by the Palace’s call promised their full support behind their candidate but enjoined him to match words with actions by extending his tentacles to other remote areas in the constituency who are yet to feel his touch.

The meeting equally paved a smooth path for celebrations of the 33rd anniversary of the ruling CPDM party which took place next door at the Party house.