National Olympic Committee to construct sport center in Donga Mantung

Col. Kalkaba Malboum, President of the National Olympic and Sports Committee has promised to construct a sports center in Ndu,…

Col. Kalkaba Malboum, President of the National Olympic and Sports Committee has promised to construct a sports center in Ndu, Donga Mantung Division. Mbacha Eric, during a reception organized recently by the Mayor of Nkambe, said Col Malboum made the promise when he received him in Yaounde.

Mbacha Eric is Winner of the Guinness Mt Cameroon Race and the Trail du Bout de Drome competition in France. Mayor Ngabir Paul Barter organized the reception upon Mbacha’s return after the 37km race in France. The Cameroonian athlete took part in the international competition under the banner of New Balance team with which he recently signed a one year contract.

The award winning athlete told guests at the reception that the trophy from France was all he got as there was no cash prize, but urged politicians to follow up on Col Malboum’s promise to ensure that the sports center is constructed. He thanked the Mayor for the reception; noting that he was amazed by the gesture.

Mayor Ngabir Paul Barter, for his part, said Donga Mantung deserves the sports center. He buttressed his point with the fact that localities such as Nwa, Ndu and Nkambe have many competent long distance runners. “Most of the distance runners are from Nwa, Ndu and Nkambe. This division needs an athletic institution, so that the athletes can be well trained. It is about time government recognized the great work we have been doing;” said he.

He also said it is important to encourage young talents and motivate them to perform better in every sector they find themselves. Besides the guest of honour, the mayor also congratulated Marcel Abanda, Divisional President for the Cameroon Youth Council and the efforts of Johnson Bang Allais Bang Bullet for outstanding performances in their different professions.

Born November 30, 1983 in Nkambe, Mbacha Eric began his career as a line picking Class two pupil at CBC Primary school Binka in 1992. He continued running in primary and secondary school games. He took part in the 42km Mount Cameroon Race of Hope in Buea for the first time in February 2000.

Since then he has run about 37 mountain races, 74 marathon races and 17 field events in some 28 locations in 7 countries around the world. Some of the countries include the USA, France, Gabon, Nigeria, and Kenya. Out of the 128 races he has participated in he has been champion 45 times and runner up 31 times. His worst race, he says, was the 42km Mt. Cameroon Race of Hope in Buea, February 22, 2010 in which he came 37th in 5h29’5’’.

With a 25-year career, he is working on a sport academy in Nkambe where young athletes would be trained. The academy has 16 registered members including his daughter Shama.

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