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National integration is panacea to anglophone crisis- CPDM MP

Hon. Martin Oyono, CPDM Member of Parliament, MP, for the Ocean Division in the South Region, says building togetherness and…

Hon. Martin Oyono, CPDM Member of Parliament, MP, for the Ocean Division in the South Region, says building togetherness and oneness felt by all citizens of the country with regard to citizenship is the only way through which authorities can arrest the anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

He made the statement at the Hilton hotel in yaounde on April 7 while receiving a prize as best MP of the year in the 2016 Guardian Post Achievement Award.

The CPDM MP who has been hailed for his fearlessness in defending the anglophone course said an attitude of denial, contempt, and assimilation no longer hold grounds in a society where inter-community marriages are clearly on the rise. Hon. Oyono also vowed to resist any attempt to lift Wirba’s immunity. The MP says he is ready to stand against his party policy in the bid to support Hon. Wirba Joseph. To him, the SDF MP from Jakiri, had the rights to defend his electorates.

In December 2016, the CPDM MP is quoted as having told journalist in a press conference that Wirba simply exposed the reaction of some members of government to the anglophone question which to him smacks high levels of irresponsibility by francophone compatriots.
During the press conference, Hon. Oyono had called on President Paul Biya to address the nation and assure the people of the Northwest and Southwest Regions on how the legitimate grievances tabled by the lawyers, teachers and students would be tackled. He referred to Cameroon as a State governed by law and justice which, therefore, excludes at all times and in all circumstances, anarchy, arbitrariness and the temptation for self-justice.

Much to the surprise of many, the CPDM MP had admitted the existence of the anglophone problem and blamed it on confusion. He, however, said the problem has two faces –linguistic and cultural. He outlined challenges affecting both Anglophones and Francophones to include the non-compliance to promotion of bilingualism, poor and unusual implementation of decentralisation, lack of follow-up on policies to stem mass unemployment, isolation, corruption, monopolising of common goods by some people, inertia, lack of careful planning, incompetence, lack of patriotism and failure to take general interest into consideration. According to him, the consequences of the defects don’t spare any region and the solution cannot be avoidance, stigmatisation of some people by others or splitting of the country.

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