More than 75,000 people displaced in Ethiopia’s Afar region due fighting

More than 75,000 people have been displaced in Ethiopia's Afar region where the rebel Tigray People's Liberation Front launched massive…

More than 75,000 people have been displaced in Ethiopia’s Afar region where the rebel Tigray People’s Liberation Front launched massive attacks in an attempt to control the country’s import and export route from neighboring Djibouti.Reports indicate the TPLF forces suffered humiliating defeat now and then by the Afar region front by the Afar Special Forces and militia while they tried to take control of the route.

According to Voice of America, Amharic Service aired on Tuesday, the residents were forced to leave behind their homes and properties because of the military conflict. 

The Afar region Disaster Prevention and Food Security office believes that the number of displaced people could reach up to 500,000 unless the situation in the region is reversed. 

Mohammed Hussien, head of the office ,told  local media that four districts are entirely displaced while one district is partially affected. 

There are also people living in the areas occupied by TPLF forces and their circumstances are unknown, as indicated by Mr. Mohammed. 

Furthermore, it is said that the displaced people are not getting humanitarian assistance. Some charitable organizations in the region are making endeavors to provide assistance. Afar Development Association has provided help to hundreds of people. 

The Federal government is expected to provide emergency assistance. The international community is rather focused on the Tigray region of Ethiopia, despite a claim by the Ethiopian government that over 100 billion birr was spent in the region in a span of seven months. 

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