Mission 21 joins humanitarian response actions towards Anglophone Cameroonians

Mission 21, a new member of ACT Alliance, has set up an Ecumenical Relief and Rehabilitation Programme Cameroonians affected by…

Mission 21, a new member of ACT Alliance, has set up an Ecumenical Relief and Rehabilitation Programme Cameroonians affected by the ongoing Anglophone crisis.

Mission 21 is working together with its main partners, the Presbyterian Church in Cameroon (PCC) as well as the Cameroon Baptist Convention (CBC). The program is working with five local NGOs, UN-OCHA and the ICRC to coordinate the response. Distribution of food and non-food items, provision of shelter and income generating projects for IDPs have started within the most affected areas of the two Anglophone regions.

The conflict has put the region into a state of crisis. The conflict affected persons find themselves in a desperate situation, with many unmet vital humanitarian needs such as access to basic human needs such as food, water and access to health and education.
The conflict and influx of IDPs has put the whole area in a state of crisis. The people affected by the conflict find themselves in a desperate situation with multiple unmet basic humanitarian needs. IDPs are either fleeing into the forest, where they lack basic humanitarian provision such as food, drinking water and shelter, or they are seeking refuge in urban settings, where they have to live under dire conditions. Shelter, provision of non-food items, food, and WASH are the focus of attention in this intervention.

As people had to leave their crops behind, food insecurity will increase soon. Basic health care, particularly for children under five, pregnant women, and people living with HIV is not provided for the IDPs. In addition to the above, psycho-social support is needed, especially for young people.

As education has been disrupted for the past two years, resuming schools where possible and trainings for livelihood security in a context with very little opportunities for formal employments are crucial elements of the programme. The volatile security situation has added to the vulnerability of the people.

ACT Cameroon emergency response is currently being coordinated by Mission 21. To ensure that the humanitarian response is well coordinated and complementary, Mission 21 will take part in meetings with all relevant sector stakeholders and involve with other stakeholders including UN-OCHA. Mission 21 has established an open line of communication with crisis affected persons and communities to ensure a humanitarian response based on participation and feedback.