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Miss Cameroon: Gov’t now in charge of organising competition

The government of Cameroon is now in charge of organising the Miss Cameroon Beauty contest. This according to a decision…

The government of Cameroon is now in charge of organising the Miss Cameroon Beauty contest.

This according to a decision signed by Cameroon’s Minister of Arts and Culture yesterday, Narcisse Mouelle Kombi. According to Thursday communique, the decision withdraws the Miss Cameroon label from Mrs. Ingrid Amougou, as well as the annual even.  Reports say this measure comes as a result of the many scandals which tainted previous editions of the beauty contest. One example is the dismissal of Julie Cheugueu Nguimfack, Miss Cameroon elected in 2016; the controversy that pitted the most beautiful woman in the country in 2017 to the organizing committee in court.

Miss Cameroon has been in existence since 1960, the year in which the first edition of the competition took place. It was also known as Miss Independence and was organized by the Ministry of Culture. The formula of Miss Cameroon as it is known today has been held since 2002, under the organization of Comica (Organization Committee of Miss Cameroon) headed by Mrs. Ingrid Solange Amougou.

However, Minister’s Mouelle Kombi’s decision takes away Mrs Ingrid leadership. The decision reads;

“The Miss Cameroon concept on which the State of Cameroon has a right of preemption, can not be the subject of collective appropriation. In this context, the Minister informs the public that he disavows any initiative relating to the organization by any private association. The new modalities of organization of this important cultural event, under study, will be communicated in due course to the public “, indicates a statement of the Minac boss.

This decision comes barely few days after Mrs Ingrid announce the launch of a new season of Miss Cameroon. Comica officially opened the competition in November on the theme: “Beauty at the service of sport and peace”. Great innovations were planned as part of this meeting, including a F CFA  5 million cash price, a 4 X 4 vehicle, a monthly salary and a well functional apartment for the new beauty queen.

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