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Menchum diehard SDF supporters decamp to CPDM

Some 22 members of the opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF, party have crossed over to the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic…

Some 22 members of the opposition Social Democratic Front, SDF, party have crossed over to the ruling Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement, CPDM in Menchum II, Fungom; The Voice weekly newspaper has reported.

This was during an enlarged joint section conference that held in Zhoa, headquarters of Fungom Sub Division, Menchum Division of the North West Region Saturday July 8, 2017. Convened by the Menchum II CPDM section president, John Kum Nji under the theme “CPDM accelerating development and improving on the lives of people in Fungom Sub Division,” the conference also brought together the presidents of the various sections of the CPDM in Menchum, members of the permanent divisional coordination committee, the central committee amongst others.

Speaking as he welcomed top officials of the party and militants to his sub section, the host sub section president for Zhoa, Kenah Meh Julius said thanks to the efforts and good advices from their section president, John Kum Nji, they were able to convince some of their brothers and sisters in the opposition to join them for a better Cameroon. He lauded the section president for the donation of some party material which have caused some people to join the party.

Welcoming the new militants into the party, he told them that they have made the best decision to join the party of hope, the ruling party and the party that would always “butter their bread.”

He praised the Zhoa CPDM sub section for his efforts in wooing over the militants into the party.

Kum Nji articulated to the press that as the political leader for Menchum II, he received the news of the cross carpeting militants with a lot of joy and enthusiasm.

“It is thanks to the efforts of the other militants who are in the field and have been working day and night to convince militants of other parties to come to us. We don’t think that we have the best now in Fungom under the opposition.

The joint section conference was an occasion for Kum Nji to rekindle fading flames in the section ever since the SDF took over the Council and Parliamentary seat in the Sub Division in 2013. Thanks to his galvanising determination, close to 500 militants and supporters of the party turned out for the conference thereby sending a strong message to the opposing camp that the ruling party was very much alive in the area and poised to take over.

In his keynote address to militants, Kum Nji said the conference marks a turning point in the history of Menchum II CPDM as the militants have to get back to work, convince those in their various areas to vote for the CPDM in upcoming political confrontations.

“Through your activities, through what you say, you can cause the population and militants of other parties to merit our confidence. The work does not end with this conference.  Get back to your various zones and organise similar meetings through which information from hierarchy can be disseminated,” he reiterated to the militants.

He bemoaned that some of the problems faced in Fungom is because information does not get down to the militants.