Manghe John Lakem, brain behind evolution of Police corps in East Region

Ever since Police Commissioner Manghe John Lakem was appointed and transferred to the East in 2014, as the First Assistant…

Ever since Police Commissioner Manghe John Lakem was appointed and transferred to the East in 2014, as the First Assistant at the Regional Delegation of National Security, things have never been the same for the police corps in the region.

From the time he took up office, the ace Police Commissioner has brought innovations that have contributed in making the corps live up to its key role of maintaining law and order and protecting the lives and property of the population.
Manghe who has put in 38 years into the police corps has proven his worth over time at different posts of responsibility as a shrewd professional.
His assiduity to work, coupled with his workaholic nature and his intrinsic passion to see things done the right way, have never gone unnoticed.
Presumably, this accounts for his appointment by hierarchy to the position of Interim Regional Delegate for Public Security in the East region – the position which was previously held by Police Commissioner Assa Eric Che, whose health condition has not been too stable for a while.
Having spent a good number of years as Sub Director in Charge of Identification at the General Delegation for National Security, DGSN, Yaoundé with impeccable records, ‘Commissaire’ Manghe, better understands how issues of the public security have to be handled; himself having tapped skills from the police quarters and managed in other positions of responsibility for long.
As such, now being at the helm of the police force in the East region, ‘Commissaire’ Manghe would only continue the vision he had for the force while serving as deputy – he has been thriving to completely eradicate laxity, stubbornness and unprofessionalism cankerworm that was arguably gripping the corps in the region.
Upon assuming duty, ‘Commissaire’ Manghe undertook to revolutionise the security operations of the region to tie with the daily realities of security challenges the region was facing.
Besides inculcating discipline in the elements, Manghe, is also credited for operationalizing new security directives and sparing no effort in seeing into it that all goes on well in the region.
The workaholic and intelligent Commissioner has transformed the public security family in several fronts with countless applauds and congratulatory messages from collaborators, colleagues, traditional, religious and administrative authorities.
His prompt action has imbedded the spirit of punctuality, assiduity and duty consciousness in the blood of his officers irrespective of their ranks, grades and position in the region.
Over the years he has erected and regularly checked permanent control points in the various police units across the region.
His regular and timely directives, interventions, instructions and orientations of measures to be taken by officers through his conscious listening of standby security phone calls even at odd hours have continued to ease execution of security operations.
Manghe has also stationed traffic police officers on standby at all entry and exit points of the region to ensure maximum security.
Despite his rank and position, Commissioner Manghe has made inspection and evaluation visits to listen to subordinates in different police units a custom.
His leadership has reawaken the spirit of national security in the East region. The wise professional has over the years become a pacesetter and an inspiration to younger colleagues and buddying uniform officers.
The soft-spoken police boss who is very jovial with his collaborators takes discipline as the watchword. Admirers of his sagacity and administrative shrewdness say he wastes no time to ensure the identification and punishment of recalcitrant and unprofessional elements.
He has sanctioned several elements found wanting in their conduct with civilian population in accordance with the law.
Though strict to the latter, he is being loved for his fatherly nature, open door policy and cordiality among all colleagues and the population.
His permanent contacts with all his collaborators has made him to be versed with all that happens in the region and very updated.
He listens to the complaints of all and sundry placed under his command and will not be at ease until a solution is provided to issues of his collaborators be it professional or social.
His respect for professional principles has made him to inculcate in elements the concept of community policing – where the corps has been made to perfectly collaborate with the population in other to combat crimes.
He has also soft-talked the population into seeing the need to be law-abiding and to denounce criminals. Manghe’s open door approach has also been applauded by the population. Many say he has always been open to welcome all without discrimination in his office.
The approach according to locals helps them to give clues to the security when persons of doubtful character are found in communities. His down-to-earth nature has made him a model across the board.
Many believe it can only be wise for President Biya to maintain him in full control of the region which he has mastered so well. The East region shares borders with two neighbouring countries; Congo and Central Africa Republic.
He is therefore faced with handling situation of refugees from the Central Africa Republic spread in camps across Garoua-Boulai and other areas to ensure they live in perfect peace and harmony with their host communities.
Attacks from rebel groups in neighbouring countries, highway robbers and other criminal gangs has kept him and his elements on red alert over the years with special police units erected to this effect.